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Deep dive into our founding roots


Barely five years after the start of the business, BSA decided to produce its own spices and ingredient blends in order to ensure regular supply, both in terms of quantity and quality. Soon after, because of a need for additional space, the organisation set up its operations on Pie IX boulevard in Montreal.


In order to secure a stable supply of spices in what was a very unstable market, BSA set up its subsidiary - BSA India Food Ingredients Private Ltd. Located in New Delhi, the BSA India team was charged with finding supplies in local markets and in other Asian countries to guarantee quality of its raw materials.


Four years later, it moved into a new 70,000 square foot location at 6005 Couture Boulevard in Saint-Léonard, Montreal, Canada. To complement its ingredient business, BSA started a division to sell equipment, mainly to meat processing plants.


In co-operation with exclusive distributors, BSA created its “Support aux métiers de bouche” division. The mandate of this division is to supply artisan butcher shops and delicatessens with spices, seasonings and other products for this type of clientele. At the same time, BSA opened a sales office to service customers in the Maritimes, Canada.


In order to meet the growing demand and provide good service in the greater Toronto area, BSA established a sales office and a warehouse to meet the needs of its Ontario customers.

As a part of its long-term development strategy, BSA introduced a number of new products to satisfy the needs of its customers. BSA began offering ingredients produced by synthesis, such as sodium lactates and potassium lactates, as well as savoury flavours. A renowned chef also joined the BSA team to help it focus.


As a result of a growing need for space, and to meet the standards for HACCP accreditation, BSA expanded its Saint-Léonard facilities by approximately 53,000 square feet, bringing the total area of the facilities up to 125,000 square feet. This expansion project gave the organisation a new state-of-the art production area, as well as extra storage space for the segregation of allergenic products.


BSA received its HACCP certification. BSA Ontario office moved into new bigger premises, and new employees were hired to maintain the high level of customer service. Since its inception, BSA has stayed true to its philosophy by relying on close partnerships with customers with whom it shares its technical expertise and experience.


BSA opened a new custom blend plant in India to meet the needs of the growing food and meat processing market in India.


BSA India adds additional warehouse space, additional blending, and packaging lines to meet growing demand from diverse customers. BSA also starts own spice grinding to ensure highest quality of spices.


BSA comes closer to its customers, moves its Corporate Office cum R&D Lab comprising of Meat Lab, Application Test Kitchen to Gurgaon.


BSA India was acquired by Frutarom Industries Limited; globally one of the top 10 organisations in the field of flavors, fine ingredients, savory solutions, and health solutions; with 40 operations sites across the world, and products sold in 150 countries.


BSA India was acquired by IFF as part of acquisition of Frutarom Industries Limited; IFF is the world leader in flavors and fragrances.


BSA India was acquired by Manorvind Green Ventures Pvt Ltd., a investment organisation focusing on investing in food businesses with a vision to expand BSA significantly.


BSA India doubles its manpower strength in R&D and Sales and Customer Service departments and commissioned state of the art Breadcrumbs plant in its Alwar factory premises.

BSA India Food Ingredient Pvt. Ltd. is renamed as Flavor N Fusion Ingredients Pvt. Ltd.

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