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About Flavor N Fusion

Our journey began in 1989. Flavor N Fusion Ingredients Pvt Ltd (FFI), formerly known as BSA India Food Ingredients Pvt. Ltd brings with it a distinguished legacy of over twenty years that has left its mark on the spices and ingredients industry over the course of the last two decades.
Keeping the promise to provide the highest quality products, Flavor N Fusion is bringing together its illustrious past and its bold new identity with innovation and customer delight as our primary focus. The perfect blend of the richest flavors and a fusion of the best quality products crafted for local and global palates.


To be a brand that resonates with quality, service, research and innovation. Our vision is to expand our global footprint with handcrafted products for niche lines of businesses and a bouquet of products that will delight all our customers.



As an organisation, we want to be the foremost research and development center for flavors and ingredients, offering the most cutting-edge and effective solutions available to the flavors and ingredients market.


Customer-centric solutions of superior taste and consistent quality. Unparalleled seasonings, mixes, flavors and bases made according to the best practices in the industry. Our products are tailor-made for the unique requirements of our customers and the market .



Backed by years of experience and research, every product line is specially crafted with our customers as the focus.

Flavor N Fusion Promise

Our brand stands for more than just our name and logo. It is the culmination of everything we say, do, and stand for. Persistent, continual Research & Development; offering specially developed products in response to customer needs; consistency with quality and services and the vision to expand our global presence. At Flavor N Fusion, we set and achieve ambitious goals. The quality of our products and services reflects our identity.


Production Infrastructure

The infrastructure at FFI India (Alwar, Rajasthan) plant is state-of-the-art. All the plant equipment are food grade and made of stainless steel; sieves, magnets and metal detection systems are placed at appropriate intervals. The plant follows best hygiene and manufacturing practices.

An umbrella ERP system, which is the mother of all operations, monitors and controls the entire development and production process. Raw Materials, Recipe Management System, Approved Vendors, Customers and their Products - all carry a unique code, stored and accessed only through the ERP system. The entire operation sequence including Raw Material Purchase and Reception, Quality Control, Product Development, Production and Finished Goods Approval is managed online with the ERP process, ensuring no loss of critical business information, along with end-to-end traceability of products.

R&D Centre at Gurgaon

FFI R&D Centre, Gurgaon (Delhi/NCR), is a place where ideas are brought to life. Our Chefs, Processed Meat / Food Technologists work alongside our customers to create a variety of products, suited for the customer's specific operational requirements. Our fully equipped Lab-cum-Application Test Kitchen can replicate actual operational conditions for a diverse range of industries including Processed Meat, Processed Food and Food Service; so products can be tested for their functional performance in real life conditions. Customers can also evaluate several flavor permutations to reach their preferred flavor profiles.

Come to FFI with your ideas and our creative team will work with you to deliver a product you want


Quality Assurance

In keeping with its mission of offering only premium quality products, FFI Quality Assurance team carefully examines all raw materials and finished products that come into or are shipped out from the plant. Because of how we handle the ingredients, control our production lines and train our personnel, we can ensure the traceability of all our ingredients.

The consistent quality of products is a norm at FFI. We have received ISO 22000 certification in 2011 from third party auditors SGS-INDIA which has been now upgraded to FSSC 22000 in 2023. The plant's HACCP policy ensures the quality and safety of the goods and services. The allergen management system guarantees absolute safety of all FFI products.

Our plant infrastructure and production processes undergo numerous certification and customer audits during the year; our focus on continuous investments on new technologies, training and development of team and adhering to best industry practices and processes help us passing out from these audits with flying colors.

Raw Material Supply Chain

FFI India sources majority of its raw material from the common approved vendors that supply to our international peers, thereby assuring highest quality of ingredients. In fact, FFI India plays buying support for FFI’s international partners because of its ability to successfully sourcing of quality inputs and raw material over the decades consistently. Over 1000 different ingredients are sourced from 20+ countries across Asia, Africa and Europe. Every supplier is audited for food safety and quality compliance capability, which includes a plant visit as well occasionally.

FFI's ability to leverage its combined buying volume gives it the advantage of buying at the most competitive prices.


ISO 22000:2005 Certified Plant at Alwar, Rajasthan

Confidentiality Commitments

FFI understands its responsibility to protect the information of a confidential nature shared with it by the customers, during the course of business.

FFI's ERP system ensures that the access to commercially sensitive information is highly regulated and is restricted to the team assigned to the project. Employees having access to customers information are required to sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality contract.

All recipes finalized by customers are coded and saved electronically on our recipe library system. Visitors access to R&D and Production Areas is regulated.

Quality System

FSSAI22000, FSSAI and HALAL Certification

The product cannot be in and out of factory until qualified by QA. The QA examine all the technical specification of the product and contrast to the standards.


Major Customers

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