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Functional Premixes for Cooked Sausages, Hot dogs, Frankfurters, Wieners and other similar casing cooked products

Coating solutions

FFI coating offerings Create crispy, crunchy and mouthwatering breaded products from our selection of ingredients which gives Unique Textures, Taste And Visual Appeal to Create Competitive Edge & customer satisfaction.
Predusts, batters and breaders with industry-leading taste and manufacturing expertise.
FFI predusts, batters and breaders deliver a complete coating system, supported by industry-leading expertise in coating applications, processing and taste. With our integrated taste portfolio, FFI coatings can offer innovative, unique and distinct solutions to create and launch new products, or for a reinvention of a brand favourite. From an Ethnic cast iron-fried chicken to a beer battered shrimp—the possibilities are endless for today’s evolving consumer
FFI goal is to make products stand out with batters and tasty breading that add mothers kind innovation to the mix like crunchy goodness to crispiness we can help you to create a new taste sensation that commands consumer attention and a loyal customer of your products.

FFI has the expertise and the technology to develop coating systems that work in our customer’s at customer place . One of the most important parts of the total coating system is the batter. It helps in product yields, delivering taste , as well as eye catching textural and visual appeal.
A. Adhesive properties of Batters – The main function of batter is to get the coating to stick to the substrate while minimizing sticky interface. FFI batters are designed to bind the outer coating layers to substrate surfaces that can often be slick or irregular. Our batters form a strong bond between substrate and Bread crumb. Without this property of bonding crumbs can fall off during processing leading to develop a poor quality finished product. By reducing voids, heating oil quality will be intact which will help in cost savings and offer a good quality product.
B. Coating Batters – FFI coating batters are crafted to enhance eating quality and a better appetite appeal. Applying batter mix on the outside of a substrate offers unique taste and textural & visual differences from bread crumbs. Batter fryers deliver a crispy, crunchy texture with golden color and can be designed to adapt to fryer or oven reconstitution. Desired products that are batter fried deliver a unique identity on products like fish and chips or tempura fried vegetables.

Quality Breadings
our application & Food Technologist, Culinary Experts, and Technical Service Representatives to design your products from concept to finished product. Professional teamwork ensures that every formulation we develop ensure your success and extraordinary performance all the way to the market and then customer . Quality bread crumbs play an important role in delivering the perfect bite, appearance and taste to appetizers or centre of the plate products.
A. American-style Bread Crumbs – These bread crumbs include visible crusts and create golden colour highlights as well as great crispy texture, ideal for a variety of applications. Look to American Style Bread Crumbs for outside coatings, predusts, extenders, thickeners, or as binders for meat products such as meatballs and meatloaves.

Functional Premixes for Mortadella, & Other Large dia Casing cooked products

Meat solutions

The global leader for Meat taste

Meat heritage
We know meat. We have worked with meat for 20 years and our evolution is anchored in its science and taste.

Scientific expertise
By combining our deep meat knowledge with our flavor and application expertise, we are leading the way in meat and taste solutions.

Application excellence
Our food scientists, chefs and taste experts have the knowledge to formulate our taste solutions across applications, helping you to deliver consumer-preferred taste.

Functional Premixes for Salami, Pepperoni, and other Fermented Products

Dairy solutions

The dairy flavors we create at FFI make them taste great.
We create natural, fresh-tasting dairy flavors. we can test the flavors we create to make sure they respond as expected under specific dairy processing methods.
FFI developed dairy flavors for companies of all sizes – From independent makers to manufacturers of top brands, our experience includes dairy flavors for low-fat and all-natural dairy products, and much more.
We offer the most extensive raw material library dedicated to the taste of dairy, coupled with the technical expertise needed to create and evaluate flavors through chemistry, dairy raw material knowledge, food and sensory science, instrumental analysis and creativity – ensuring that the flavor systems we build for your brand meet your taste, functionality, and cost in use requirements products like ice creams, yoghurts, smoothies, flavored milk, Butter Milk, candies & sweets etc.

Functional Premix for Bacon, Ham & Other Products Cooked in Moulds, Nets

Savoury And Seasoning

The savoury snacks is one of the most challenging & complex segment in the food industry. There are end number of flavors with innumerable varieties in single taste direction.one taste a direction and numerous requirements regarding solubility, retention, sensory and taste acceptance of the flavors have to be matched
They must be suitable for use in savoury drinks, soups & sauces, snacks, meat and fish products, vegetarian and vegan products. FFI innovation & application team is expert to provide such solutions.
A well-equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art pilot plant facilities allow us to produce a variety of finished products – snacks, soups & ketchups, Noodles & Pasta, Burgers & patties, meat products, sauces and savoury drinks & snacks.

Functional Premixes for Chicken nuggets, Burger patties and similar

Food Safety & clean label, Functional ingredients


  1. FFI – MAXXI Clean label tenderizer
  2. FFI – Neuvi Clean Label Natural Preservative (liquid)
  3. FFI - Neuvi - DV Clean label Natural Preservative (Dry Powder)
  4. FFI – Mostatin LV 1 Clean label Natural preservative
  5. FFI – Safe-T-Lac ( Antimicrobial solutions )
  6. FFI – Safe – T- Ace ( Antimicrobial solutions )
  7. FFI - Prolong II Clean Label Natural Preservative
  8. FFI – Natcur - clean label solution for Sodium Nitrite Cured products

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