BSA has changed to FFI now

Coating solutions

FFI coating offerings create crispy, crunchy and mouthwatering breaded products from our selection of ingredients which gives unique textures, taste and visual appeal to create competitive edge & customer satisfaction

Meat Solutions

We have worked with meat for 20 years and our food scientists, chefs and taste experts have the knowledge to formulate our taste solutions across applications, helping you to deliver consumer-preferred taste.

Dairy Solutions

FFI developed dairy flavors for companies of all sizes - From independent makers to manufacturers of top brands, our experience includes dairy flavors for low-fat and all-natural dairy products, and much more.

Savoury / Seasoning

The savoury snacks is one of the most challenging & complex segment in the food industry. FFI innovation & application team is expert to provide such solutions.

Food Safety & Clean label,
Functional ingredients

Flavor N Fusion offers a range of clean label solutions, including natural preservatives, tenderizers, and antimicrobial solutions, catering to the growing consumer trend for simple and recognizable ingredients in food products.

About Flavor N Fusion

Our journey began in 1989. Flavor N Fusion, formerly known as BSA India Food Ingredients Pvt. Ltd brings with it a distinguished legacy of twenty years that has left its mark on the spices and ingredients industry over the course of the last two decades. Keeping the promise to provide the highest quality products, Flavor N Fusion is bringing together its illustrious past and its bold new identity with innovation and customer delight as our primary focus. The perfect blend of the richest flavors and a fusion of the best quality products crafted for local and global palates.   

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Production Facilities

The infrastructure at BSA India (Alwar, Rajasthan) plant is state-of-the-art. Production facility is equipped with High end Technology with latest design and delivery equipment's Plant equipment's are in stainless steel; sieves, magnets and metal detection systems are placed at appropriate intervals. FFI follows zero infection policy where each and every production facility, production accessories are well inspected to ensure zero microorganism. The plant follows good hygiene and manufacturing practices. OSHAS practices compliant in day to day operations. FFI have approved supply chain partners and vendors with 100% traceability of raw material in ERP 24x7 Testing Labs, equipped with latest devices and qualified & certified professionals, ensure end product quality.

What's in our products?

Seasonings, Mixes, flavors and bases are made. Sauces, Flavors, Ingredients, Dips & Dressings. Coating Systems, Batter, Liquid Products for Browning and Grilling.

Our Product Portfolio

Functional Premixes for Processed Meat

FFI mixes for emulsified and cooked meat products come neatly packed, complete with pre-dosed levels of all the functional ingredients. FFI mixes impart high functionality to your products. The products get perfect texture, firmness, slice-ability and bite

Premixes for Broth, Soups Bases and Customized Soups

Soup bases are 'easy-to-reconstitute' preparations. They can be good when used as it is or can be given further flavor directions by playing with spices and herbs of your choice.

Culinary Sauces, Gravies, Culinary Bases

FFI's western culinary sauce premixes combine the refinement in taste with superb convenience. FFI Gravy Systems bring out the delicate nuances of Fine Indian Cooking. Simple, yet easy to prepare

Mayonnaise, Dressings, Dips

If you want to make your “Own Mayo” without compromising your time, try Mayo Maker. Extremely Simple and easy to make within minutes, it allows you the room for your creativity. Extremely stable, won't separate once made.

Customer Testimonials

Flavor N Fusion has been our go-to supplier for spices and ingredients for years. Their commitment to quality and innovation is unmatched, and their products have consistently added the perfect blend of flavors to our dishes.
Flavor N Fusion Ingredients Pvt Ltd has been a trusted partner in our culinary journey. Their dedication to customer delight and their global presence make them an invaluable asset in the food industry.
Since partnering with Flavor N Fusion, our culinary creations have reached new heights. Their range of specially developed products tailored to our needs has made a significant impact on our menu, leaving our customers satisfied and coming back for more.
Flavor N Fusion's legacy of over twenty years speaks volumes about their expertise and reliability. Their persistent commitment to Research & Development ensures that we always have access to the latest and most innovative ingredients in the market.
We have never been disappointed with Flavor N Fusion's products or services. Their consistency in delivering top-notch quality and their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction have made them an essential ingredient in our success.
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